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Heal EMF

Avoid Electrostress and Apply Beneficial EM Frequencies for Healing

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"Every material substance in your body has a unique fingerprint of resonance in the electromagnetic spectrum. Every chemical reaction in the body requires the presence of a specific quantum energy to move forward... Every biochemical reaction in the body either uses or releases a specific quantum energetic change known as the Gibb's Free Energy. All of these energetic changes are happening simultaneously in about 100 trillion cells in your body. Together, these fields make up the body's energy field, known as the Biofield. We specialize in Biofield Analysis™ to discover specific Functional Formulations™ that produce a state of Biofield Coherence™, in which your body heals itself at maximum speed, often overcoming chronic degenerative processes like blinding eye diseases that were once thought to be irreversible. We also work with energy medicine that gently supports balance and promotes healing in your biofield. This can include modalities like microcurrent, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and photobiomodulation."

Dr. Glen Swartwout

the Wizard of Wellness™


"We are exposed to more than one quadrillion times more EMF than we were even 10 years ago..."

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